Thursday, July 03, 2008 9:35 PM
ok i had to add my link on the side but forgot my index haha so i checked the report book and its 28 (; yay my index now is 09, lyk one third of my p6 number haha. ok i cant access the template D: somebody please put this there (: thanks :D

life's been great (: sarah chua and i have splitted class but i ve got 2 6E people in my class xD
current cca is chinese orchestra. suyi & sarah lee are in band! i realised that we've got loads of people in band haha talk about hidden talents

it's cool that jiamin gets to learn to drive! i think we have to wait till we're lyk 17? haha ALL THE BEST JIAMIN, the roads in perth are really scenic (based on impression) :D NY is having funfair tomorrow and i am in the publicity dept. and i aint really prepared

one last point before i go off, here's the youtube link for our P6 graduation montage, i just found out about it today xD from the 6E peeps (: enjoy:


jammy here
8:42 PM
its jiamin here :] i have to confess that i have reeeeally drifted apart from almost evryone in 6F. except probably sarah, suyi & phyllis =D who are the awesomest people hehheh. well this post is just pretty much asking people to post all about themselves:] just to keep everyone updated about EVERYONE=)

okay so i'll start. well basically my high school ride here in perth has been pretty cool. probably with just so many rollercoasters with the highest highs! and the lowessssssst lows :( but after all i think i have grown so much in just tonnnes of ways and just meeting new people who has become the bestest of friends :) and i get to start taking driving lessons next year so im really looking forward to that:D im starting to save up for a convertible;) hehe its probably gunna take FORever but i guess its worth a try=D

so yep i hope you guys cann take some time to post about your life here too ;) i guess it'll really help everyone keep in touch with the rest and how much we have all changed since good ol primary school. it'll be great hearing from the 6F crew! =)

jammyy x

p.s thnx teryne for trying so hard to keep the blog alive! ;)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 9:01 PM
Drastic times call for drastic measures.

I have invited all (I think, I hope) 6F people to co-author this blog. Hopefully it'll help revive this blog? :D

Sunday, January 20, 2008 9:13 PM
Hello my dears (if any of you bother to come here at all, that is)!

Sec 3's pretty stressful, if I do say so myself. What with all the stupid topics in EMath and Bio. ): Anyway, continue studying hard ok! And umm, I don't know what else I should be typing over here. ):

I miss all of you truckloads and truckloads, and I feel absolutely guilty for not ever going for CNY, Teachers' Day and last year's year-end reunion. I try to go back once in a while, but no gurantee cause I'm ever busier this year, as is the case with the rest of you too, right?

I miss the RGPS canteen food. The western stall, mmm.

<3 loads,

Friday, December 21, 2007 7:46 PM
Eh, you know our blog's super old, and yet we've only got 41 (this is the 42nd) posts so far.
Sad right?

I miss you all loads. And I bet you all miss each other too. Aaaaand, yeah I also have got no idea whatsoever as to what to say.

Just take care yeah? And study hard and blah and bleh.

And don't ever forget the glorious class of 6F'05!
Yeah I know, I'm lame and I'm wasting this post on being lame.

Well, I've got nothing else to say.
Don't miss my nonsensical (sp?) posts!

Guess who.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007 5:04 PM
heya ppl! (:

the EOYs are finally over, and i hope everyone got into the stream of their choice! at least after all the mugging before the exams, we can finally have a well-deserved break and slack to our hearts' content yeah? but what i dun understand is, since the exams are over, why isn't anyone posting? the last post is like before teachers' day, which was like so long ago?! even the tagboard is dead T_T but at least it's still more alive than the posts. so here i am in an attempt to revive this blog!

but now that i'm actually posting, i realized that i've got nothing to say -.- have we grown apart these 2 years?

never mind, just some random lame mutterings on my part. anyway, hope that everyone's been doing great academicwise, CCAwise, and in every other aspect of life they are pursuing. hopefully, mdm tan's injury has been recovering well so that we still have a chance to see her again in RGPS. (that is, if anyone is still willing to go back.)

missing 6f lots, and i appeal to all 6fers to come and play a part in reviving this blog and of course its tagboard! but i shall remain anonymous coz of the fear that you all say i'm nagging or harrassing you or whatever. LOL.

anyway, i realized that now i REALLY don't have anything to say, so bye.. for now.

oh yes, after so many vain attempts of trying to access this account, i finally succeeded YAY!!!

6F `o5 forever!!! <3


Tuesday, August 28, 2007 11:17 PM
Well, hopefully we can meet once again on Friday eh. Although, I think RGPS is finishing their Teachers' Day celebrations earlier than my school's. Dang.
I miss you all so very much. I miss all the teachers, MsChong included (although when she was teaching us I felt nothing but boredom, ahem ahem). And man, do I miss MdmTan. The only reason why I didn't give up entirely on Chinese was cause of her encouragement and stuff.
I miss sitting beside JiaMin and doing all sorts of stuff like... having a written msn session and consequently getting punished with extra homework. Haha. And I miss the CANTEEN FOOOOOOOD! :( So good-quality. :(
And alright, I shall refrain from making this post more emo ok? :D

Just remember to...
Go back to RGPS on Teachers' Dayyyyyyyy! Must ok! If not ah...
I will karate chop you (not that I know how).

Love you all very much (And I know you love me too haha cause I happen to be the only one updating this blog).

Monday, August 06, 2007 8:27 AM

Ichige Teryne Mariko the GREAT here to save the blog again! Haha!
How come you all still cannot figure out the password ah? Okok ONE more hint alright?

Change the last letter of my surname and you'll get a Japanese word. Translate that word into English and, TA-DA, you get the password.
Get it now?
Ok anyway, now that you people should know the password please blog morrrrreeeee. :D

6F'05, Sixeffohfive.
010105, perhaps?

Strings attached?
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Fun and love!
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